Pearl Stringing

W. Carter and Son undertake the stringing and re-stringing of pearl and precious gemstone necklaces and chokers at a workshop deep in the Wiltshire countryside.

Our stringers are well experienced in the fine art of re-stringing and have the patience and dexterity required for such tasks, this comes with over forty years of experience in this field.

Each job will differ and an expert eye will be required from our stringer to select which process of stringing is needed for the type of pearl being strung. The pearls firstly have to be assessed and re-graduated before restrung on new silk. In some case’s knotting in between each pearl is required to add length to the necklace.

After re-stringing the pearls may appear to lie rigid or rather stiffly or may give the appearance of not laying correctly, however, after several wearing’s the necklace will soon fall into shape.

Over the years pearls may become stained, this can be from the wearing of Perfume, Deodorant, Hairspray or Makeup. We are able to offer a Pearl cleaning service and are happy to provide an estimate to carry out such work.

It is recommended that if a necklace is worn often, it should be brought in to us at least once every three years for its condition to be carefully checked.